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The legend of herring (2022)

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Liu Qianzhi, a disciple of the Buyu Sect who subdues demons and slays demons, accidentally met Xiaoqing, a fish demon who wanted to cultivate into a dragon. Xiaoqing lied that he was also a demon exorcist in order to prevent others from discovering his identity as a fish demon. After that, the two set on a journey together and experienced various difficulties and obstacles. On the way, Xiaoqing’s kind heart not only changed Liu Qianzhi’s idea that demons are evil, but they also became each other’s mutual support. In the end, the two joined hands to defeat the evil dragon’s conspiracy and protect the common people in the world. Xiaoqing eventually sacrifices the body of the real dragon in exchange for Liu Qianzhi’s reincarnation.

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Genre: Fantasy
Durasi: 77 Min

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